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(sort of) complete cast listing for Frozen! I’ve seen stuff similar to this before but they didn’t cover the ENTIRE credited cast so I made my own.

The credits are pulled from IMDB mostly, as well as the Disney wiki for a couple of them that were only credited as “additional voices”.

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Helena Bonham Carter pretending to be Belatrix pretending to be Hermione pretending to be Belatrix


No but her acting was so good in this scene that I had to pause and zoom in on her face to make sure it wasn’t actually Emma in makeup, and even then I wasn’t totally convinced.

Emma acted out the scene first, and then Helena Bonham Carter mimicked what she did. so it was Helena Bonham Carter pretending to be Emma Watson pretending to be Helena Bonham Carter pretending to be Bellatrix pretending to be Hermione pretending to be Bellatrix.

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It’s amazing the impact this second-long video made in my life


DO NOT skip to the ending of the song. I’m saying this because this is probably the most emotion filled “Or are you really as wonderful as you seem?” that I have ever heard these two do, and the entire song prior to that one line really leads up to it. If you listen to it in full you’ll understand why when you get there. I had chills during it. 

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